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The Blog For Profit Podcast

Dec 9, 2019

Episode 4 of the How to Start a Blog Series!

When starting your own money making blog, after choosing your blog niche or topic then it’s time to name your blog! We’ll dive deep into how to name your blog by breaking it down into three phases.

  • Phase 1: (ep 10) Top things to consider when naming your blog. (This is where your head should be at when strategically coming up with a name for your blog to promote success!)
  • Phase 2: (ep 11) Other things to consider when naming your blog. (These are the extra checklist items to keep in mind and look at when considering blog name ideas.)
  • & Phase 3: (ep 12) How to actually come up with a blog name. (Exercises, tools, and resources to help you in the creative process of creating a name.)

Today, in episode 012 we’re diving into phase 3 the creative process to use what we learned in phase 1 and 2 to actually come up with a blog name!

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